Friday, February 1, 2013

Humour and Chicks

One of the things I miss most is Far Side. That was a series of cartoons. They were the funniest things I ever saw. I was really bummed out when Gary Larson quit doing them. I would actually pick up and buy a book of Far Side cartoons every single time I saw one in any store. And I won't buy nothin'. So, on my recent trip to Denver when I was traumatized, I stopped off at the Tattered Cover. That's a chain of book stores in the Denver area. I wandered around and looked for Far Side books. It took a while, but I found one.

"Ooh, you've got Far Side," a rather pretty gal with red hair said. "I didn't think they made them any more."

"Well," said I, "this one was over there."

My thoughts that our mutual love of Far Side would lead to wedded bliss or at least a steamy night of passion ended at that point when she walked off to where I had pointed, never looking back at me again. So much for Far Side and picking up chicks.

In theory, a book store ought to be a good place to pick up chicks. They outnumber guys three or four to one. At least, that's my unscienctific estimate. The reality is, nothing of the sort happens. People in book stores rarely even talk. That was why my brief conversation with this really hot babe was so unusual. It will likely never happen again.

And, my favorite Far Side cartoon was this one with a retired Lone Ranger sitting in a chair reading the Native American - English Dictionary when he came across the definition for the word kemosabee: a horse's ass. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

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