Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Northern Exposure My Ass

I was recently told by someone that a mutual acquaintance had been trying to get some interest in some of my anthologies up in Canada. He seemed shocked that I responded with disbelief and that I came just barely short of calling his friend a liar. My basis for this was rather simple–we have never sold a single copy of any book or magazine that I have edited to anyone in Canada. Not ever.

I’ve never been sure why Canada is a brick wall. It just is. We still sell copies in England. Heck, we’ve even occasionally sold books in Germany (There are a lot of expatriate Americans living in Germany). But, never ever Canada. They will not budge. Some contributors suspect it’s because Canadians cannot read. Others say that all Canadians do all winter is practice sodomy and they just aren’t interested in literature. I guess I’ll never know the actual reason. But the notion that someone put the word out to read books such as Low Noon–positively ludicrous.

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