Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's in a name?

There are many many small and micro breweries in Colorado. One of them was seeking suggestions for a name for a new beer they were going to bring out in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I suggested something.

Now, you might think I would have suggested Dave Riley Beer. It would not have been unprecedented. Back when I lived in California there was an opportunity for the public to name a 12 mile stretch of road. I suggested Dave Riley Parkway. Likewise, when an opportunity to name a new school came up I suggested Dave Riley Elementary. And, when the Excalibur Hotel Casino opened in Las Vegas, they had a naming contest. (I think they intended to call it Excalibur all along and the contest was a marketing gimmick). I suggested they call it Dave Riley Castle. None of the suggestions were taken up.

But, for the beer, I suggested Martian Red Ale. I further suggested they put a picture of a little green man on the label. They didn’t do it and named it something Irish sounding. Note to any brewer out there: If you call your next beer Martian Red Ale I’d buy at least a couple of six packs.

I recently finished my fifth story involving Sarah Meadows. Furthermore, I have a novel featuring her that’s with an agent and I hope it finds a publisher. Sarah lives on Mars and does sometimes have a glass of Martian Red Ale. So, I thought it’d be so cool if someone actually made some Martian Red Ale. Maybe someday.

Of course, if a brewer would rather call their next concoction Dave Riley Beer, that would be okay too

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