Friday, March 8, 2013

Disappointing Development

Last December I placed the products published by Science Fiction Trails  on consigment with Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago.  Distribution is a perpetual problem for us as so few book stores will carry small press content. The bias is that if it's not from a large publisher it can't be any good. Well, Quimby's carries a lot of indie and small press material, especially zines.  It's all consignment, so it doesn't tie up their money in inventory.  That said, they have only sold one book.  Not exactly a resounding success. 

So, if you live in Chicago, go by there and go buy there. Science fiction and western horror is good for you. People who read western horror stories live ten years longer than those who do not.*  If you don't live there, look over and pick something good to read. There's lots of stuff out there.  The stuff SFT publishes is the best, but order something.  You might live forever.*

* Not necessarily proven by scientific studies

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