Saturday, March 23, 2013


I live in a condo.  Our trash is collected from dumpsters stationed around the complex.  There's one special dumpster for recycling.  Guys in big green trucks from Waste Management come by twice a week and haul the trash away. Guys in a blig green and yellow truck haul the recycling away.  Then the residents take more trash and recycling out and put it in the dumpsters. 
Anyway, on with our story.  They have these Waste Management toy garbage trucks.  They seem really cool. Tonka makes one and so does Mattel.   I would've been in heaven if I'd had one of these to play with when I was little.  I probably wouldn't have turned out the way I did, if only I'd had one. These are so cool.  But, alas, the good ones are not cheap, fifty bucks plus.  There is even one type that runs over $100 bucks. Yikes!!!!  
Cool toy truck

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