Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest Blogger, Karl

Hi, it’s me, Karl. I’m guest blogging today. Well, I see there was another meteor spotted in Florida. It was a meteor that killed off all of my friends back in the cretaceous. So, when I hear about fireballs from space it gets my attention.

I’ve been meaning to tell everybody about my search for Bigfoot. There’s this TV show where these people go out in the woods and search for Bigfoot. They claim to hear wood knocking, but you never actually hear it on the TV show. They claim to hear trees being knocked over, but you never hear that either and they never go and show you the busted trees. And they’ve got all these infrared cameras, but they never get any footage on them.

So, I decided to see if a little cretaceous hunting skills might do the trick. I went out and found me an elk herd and started from there. After I ate an elk, I headed off out into the woods. There were some Boy Scouts out there and they apparently were playing some game where they see how fast everyone can run out into the woods and hide. I would’ve joined in, but I was on a mission.

I tried knocking two trees together. And I got a reply. Then, I picked up a scent. I’m good at tracking a scent because that’s what dinosaurs do. So, I went after the source. Boy, whatever it was sure stinks. I found some footprints. They weren’t as big as mine. But I never found any Sasquatch. I don’t know where it went. I was sure I was on the right scent, then it was gone. So, I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on those guys on TV. If they can elude me, they’re pretty crafty.

Then, I gave up and went home. Maybe I’ll try again in the summer. I didn’t really like hiking through snow. Back in the cretaceous period Colorado was a lot warmer than it is now.

And I'm not sure about all of these meteors.  Remember how that Shumaker Levy Comet killed those ten million Jupiterians when it smashed into Jupiter?  It could happen here someday, but it won't be Jupiterians then.

Well, until next time ...

Florida meteor

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