Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey Frank

Well, I see the Catholic Church passed over me again to hire Pope Frank.  That's okay.  But, I still would've liked having the job.  I've often wondered where the pope gets those cool hats.  I could get me one of those pope hats and a big cross and go around blessing people.  I'm actually an ordained minister.  I don't often mention it, but I once sent a money order to this church in Modesto and they sent me back my ordination certificate.  I've actually offered to marry people and they always decline for some reason. 

Anyway, so I wish Frank well and maybe he'll come by America sometime and we can play chess.

I don't know if the pope plays chess or not.  I am under the impression the Dali Lama plays chess.  I'd love to play chess with the Dalai Lama. 

Oh, I've got this idea for a TV show.  The pope has a secret lair underneath the Vatican. At night he hunts down vampires in a specially equipped limosine with a Benedictine monk for a sidekick.

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