Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness and the Pool of Doom

It seems like everyone is organizing some sort of pool for the March Madness.

Some time ago the folks in my dad’s neighborhood often had pools for various sporting events. I don’t know if they still do. My dad’s golden retriever often signed up for these things. As I recall, he had a run for a while where he was winning quite a few of them. These were $20 type of things, not big money. Still, it seemed that some folks weren’t too happy being beaten by some dog. As I understood it, Zero actually picked the spots on the sheet he wanted. Then another neighbor’s dog got in on it, and 99 proved pretty good at winning them too. Well, neither dog is alive anymore. And I haven’t heard any stories about neighborhood pools for sporting events, so they may not bother any longer. But, if your neighborhood, condo or office is having one, be sure and see if the dogs are interested. I’ll bet they are.

Then there was Duke. Way back in California many years ago, there was a pool for the Superbowl. Duke was a cop, at least the K9 variety. Duke was the roommate of a coworker of mine, so I knew Duke. And Duke turned up on the police department’s Super Bowl pool. Duke won something like $500. I think a lot of people were not too keen at being beaten by some dog. Then the next year he won again. I don’t know what Duke spent his money on.

I don’t enter these pools. I’ve never ever win one dime in these things, regardless of format and terms I always get hosed. Maybe some day I’ll get a dog.

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