Monday, March 4, 2013

Not enough help

Increasingly, it seems more and more businesses around the mountain region of Colorado have just given up on serving customers.  Yesterday I went to McDonalds. The order taker didn't even know what the item I was ordering was and had to ask somebody. After 15 minutes of wating for my food there were still 6 people ahead of me. The problem seemed to be they had no food cooked. After waiting 15 minutes, only then did they even start to cook more hamburgers on the grill. And they still wouldn't start any fries. Add to that the tables were all filthy and trash cans overflowing. I just walked out the door and never did get any lunch.  Alas, this is not unusual. The root cause of this seems to be the absolute refusal to hire any help.

And it's not just Micky D's. You go to pick up your prescription and there's this enormous line and only one poor clerk trying to cope with it.  Go to the bank and they have one teller and a line nearly out the door. It's just pitiful. Call and complain and you get some guy in the Phillipines that barely speaks English and can't do anyhthing about it if he wanted to.

The United States looks like a third world country in so many ways.

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