Friday, March 22, 2013

Pie of the Month

It didn't look like this one
I don’t think about high school much. But, I opened the trash dumpster where I live and there was this moldy pie. Ah, the memories. Back in my first year of high school journalism someone hung a pie up above the chalkboard and wrote "Pie of the Month" below it. It hung up there for quite some time. And mold grew on it and it got really disgusting. And still more mold grew. I can’t honestly say what became of the pie of the month, but it hung on the wall for a few months anyway and got really gross.

But the new pie was interesting in that I had to wonder where it had been and what it had been doing. They pick up the garbage twice a week. There’s no way such a huge amount of mold grew that fast. This was a couple months worth, and I speak from experience. It had to have been sitting around someone’s condo growing mold for quite some time. If only pies could talk. I took the new pie of the month to work and placed it in the refrigerator the employees use. Anyway, I put it in the back on the bottom shelf. Then, a few days later, most of the stuff inside the fridge had been tossed out and the whole place smelled like bleach. I wonder why. And the new pie of the month was gone.

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