Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poly Ticks

I usually try to stay clear of politics on this blog. Frankly, I’m fed up with all the nonsense coming out of Washington. The dysfunctional family that is Congress is the worst in the history of the republic. We should look back at history. Rome started out as a republic, too. Then the Senate became so dysfunctional and inept it could no longer govern so they handed over the running of the empire to the nutjob emperors. That may be where we’re headed, though we won’t be calling them emperors, but the concept is the same.

My solutions to our budget problem:

The pay of all congressmen should immediately be cut  the amount all other federal employees who are going to be furloughed. Of course, I don’t think they should get any more paychecks at all until they solve some of the nation’s problems but they should at least be cut.

We should invade Canada immediately and steal all of their mineral wealth. This would greatly help our fiscal problems by selling Canada’s assets. Back in the 1800s when we took other country’s property we benefitted greatly from it. We stole a huge amount of land from Mexico, for example.

We should sell Texas to anyone who would buy it. It’s a horrible place and no one will even miss it. Maybe Mexico would buy it. It used to be theirs anyway.

We should sell ownership in things we don’t own, like the moon and asteroids.

Put a 50% tax on campaign ads. I don’t know how much money it’ll being in, but I really hate those horrible campaign ads.

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