Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spores From Outer Space

For some time now there have been two types of mold, each one fighting for supremacy of my bathroom.  One is this green mold.  It seems to grow slowly, but is really stubborn to kill. The other one is this pink mold. Bleach or other cleaners kill the pink mold quick enough, but it can grow back amazingly fast. Now, I've discovered a third mold, a brown one that is encroaching as well. I was hoping the other molds would repel this invader, but that has not yet happened. In fact, the brown mold is gaining territory, especially around the shower. It seems to be using the shower head as its base.  I put the shower head in the diswasher and it went away, but it's still lurking in other areas of the bathroom. Stay tuned to this blog channel for future developments.

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