Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Doctor Returns-- Yay!

Well, the new Dr. Who episode is tonight. Since I’m at a con I don’t know when I’ll catch it. I was just thinking about the first time I saw Dr. Who. It was John Pertwee as the doctor. I had never heard of it.

My brother was watching it. It came in on this fuzzy UHF PBS station in San Jose. I paid it no mind. Then the next Saturday afternoon he was watching it again. At first I thought it was the same exact show. Back then they were serialized and one adventure could drag on for several weeks. I started wondering what the hell is this. I remember the Brigadier was rattling on about something [Brigadier Lethbridge-Steward was attached to a UN force called Unit] and then the Cybermen showed up and all hell broke loose. I thought this was kind of cool. And, from thence on I had to watch the adventures of the doctor. Some were better than others, but I still watched them all.

A few thoughts I may be crazy, but I remember: The first doctor had a daughter or granddaughter. She just sort of disappeared. I wonder whatever happened to her. She never displayed any Timelord powers like regeneration, as I recall. But neither did the first Doctor.

Then I seem to recall Tom Baker ran around with another Timelord for a bit. She just sort of wandered off. I don't remember her name.

Then in the current series I seem to recall some aliens took David Tennant’s DNA and made him a daughter who had Timelord DNA. She took off in a spaceship and that was that.

Why do I mention all this? Much emphasis on the Doctor being the last one. Well, there’s plenty of fodder to reunite with his offspring. Hell, the Tardis is a time machine.

So, whilst my brother has mostly been a useless twit, he did introduce me to Dr. Who. And, for that, I thank him.

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