Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've noticed an interesting statistic on this blog. Entries with pictures of some type have a much higher view rate than postings that lack pictures. And the most popular postings were the ones when I was talking about garbage trucks. Yep, garbage trucks.  So, if I made any money off of this (I don't) every posting would be about garbage trucks.  Of course, the problem with garbage trucks is what do you say about them? 

Top 10 future garbage truck postings
Garbage trucks from outer space.
Garbage truck drivers: the sexiest guys on earth.
How much garbage does a garbage truck actually hold?
Side loaders versus front loaders: the debate rages on
Garbage truck parades, who knew?
How come you never see used garbage trucks for sale?
Garbage men: why do they get up so darn early?
How come they never had garbage trucks at the school assembly?
Top ten coolest finds in garbage dumpsters
How many dead bodies turn up in garbage dumpsters each year?

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