Thursday, April 4, 2013

Leper Con Coming Soon To a Hotel Near You

I recently got an unexpected invite to attend LepreCon next month in Arizona. Wanting to find out a little more, I entered the name Leprecon in a search engine. It immediately changed it to Leprechaun and gave me dozens of anecdotes about little people and pots of gold. No, I want a science fiction convention in Arizona, not some blasted little green men who hoard gold. I tried again and it changed me again.

So, I went to that other search engine. It changed my search to Lepercon, which would seem to be a convention of lepers. Gee, that might be interesting, but a bit weird. These intuitive search engines know better than I do what it is I want.

Well, I’m not interested in Leprechauns and I don’t want to go to a convention of lepers. I finally got where I wanted to go by typing in and that got me the site I wanted. Technology yay!

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