Monday, April 1, 2013

Survived the Con

Well, made it back from Anomaly Con. I had a very nice time, actually. A nice bunch of folks. And I even got to give my 1897 Airship presentation. Heck, I even dressed up in costume for some of the festivities. So, the world is safer tonight. The forces of evil have been vanquished from the Earth once more. And my new goggles worked out perfectly. Who could ask for much more?   A very high percentage of folks were in costume. I didn't get my act together and couldn't get in on the tea party.

I doubt I’ll be attending any other cons until Mile Hi Con in the fall. Some people go to every con they can find. I haven’t been that ambitious. But I did meet some new people and had some fun.  One disappointment, they didn't have any steampunk dogs.  If I had a dog, I'd dress him/her up in a steampunk getup starting with some goggles. But that's just the kind of guy I am.

One quibble was the restaurant in the hotel had one of the most bizarre menus I have ever seen. I really wish chefs wouldn't try to impress us with their great knowledge of cooking when all we really want is a hot dog. I kept trying to get a hot dog next door at Circle K, but they were always out of them. I really don't like Circle K.  If I ran a hotel I'd have a dog menu as well as a human menu. Dogs have always liked my cooking--I mean really liked it in a scoot your plate around for 15 minutes kind of way.  But dogs don't have much money, so nobody running hotels or conventions thinks much about them. But I seem to be digressing a bit from the main point.

There wasn't much interest in listening to me read my new story. And it's been a long time since I've been to any event that had so many smoking hot women.  That may not be PC, but it was true. I need to find a con where they have huge numbers of women who are enamoured with grumpy middle aged men.  Maybe I should make my own con. Dave Con 2014 anyone? 

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