Friday, April 19, 2013

The Hood

Well, the folks over at the Kepler planet finding mission have announced two more planets that are sort of Earth like in terms of temperature and such.  Kepler 62 is a little bit smaller sun than our and is only 1200 light years away.  Boy we sure could use a warp drive about now.  I just think it's amazingly cool they've figured out how to measure planets around stars so incredibly far away.  And there seems to be a lot of them.

Do they have oceans teeming full of fish?  Or do they have huge numbers of women who just love middle aged men?  I doubt that I'll ever know the answer to either question.  The little green men in flying saucers have never offered me a ride to any of these places.  Speaking of which, I wonder which Kepler planet they're from.

And the most pressing question of all: Do they sit around all day reading western sci fi stories and wishing they could somehow get their hands on a copy of Science Fiction Trails? Do their mystics and shamans tell them of a far away world where such a magazine exists? Or do they just drink coffee at McDonald's all day? And garbage? What do they do with their garbage? Front loaders or side loaders?

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