Thursday, April 25, 2013

Typing on Mars

Over at Science Fiction Trails, where I am editor, I get stories. And most of them, the overwhelming majority in fact, are in courier font. This is the most horrible type font on Earth. Why do so many writers use this eye numbing font? Because they’re idiots. And, to some degree, because it’s the type font in about 90% of typewriters. That brings us back to the idiot part. Computers aren’t typewriters. They can run rings around typewriters. I know one particular writer who thinks it’s quaint to sit around and type stories on a typewriter instead of a computer. Then he scans them into the computer and sends it off in that mind numbing type font. We are not amused. Another reason I hate courier is it actually takes up about 20 % more space than Times New Roman. So, to all of you writers who keep using courier–screw you all.

On a related note, one of these days I’m going to change my guidelines to ask for 12 point Martian.  There actually is such a type font, but most software won't support it.  They may have it on Mars, too. I don't know what the Martians type with these days. I never get stories from Mars. Will that make any difference in submissions? Probably not. These morons will still use courier.

There’s also the possibility I could start requiring David type. This entire paragraph is in David. It’s not really that bad. I’ve got my own type font. Nah Nah.


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