Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Worldwide Pizza Command

It was a dark and stormy night.  The winter wind howled woolfishly.  Suddenly, the car veered off the road and plunged into the rain-swollen river. The driver, young Eric Watson, struggled to release his seatbelt as the car filled with water.  Soon the life giving oxygen was all but gone and there was nothing left inside the car but water. The seatbelt finally released and Eric struggled with the door latch, but his oxygen starved body could no longer function. He drifted off to unconsciousness knowing death would not be far away. In those final moments his thoughts were not of past loves or a life not lived, but wondering if the pizza on the back seat was still warm and fresh. He knew the answer, but it was all he could think about.

"Damn, where's that pizza?" Larry Davis yelled.  "Where, where, where?"They were always late. But tonight, tonight that pizza would never come.  For no order had ever been taken. The phone lines had been down all evening. Whoever had taken his order, it was nothing human. And no pizza was ever going to come.

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