Sunday, May 26, 2013

Barely escaping with my life or why dogs are smarter than people

Well, then. I rattle on about all sorts of things on this blog. Today, I thought I’d rattle on about apple pie. I like a nice warm slice of pie. And I was recently offered one. After my first bite, my thoughts turned to oh my god how can I spit this out? How someone could go so terribly wrong,  I don’t know. I quickly determined they’d used some variation of wild or "crab" apples. The pie contained no sugar. It was awful bitter  I looked hopefully at the family dog.

He looked back at me with a clear don’t even think about it look. Someone had obviously already tried to get him to eat it and he was smarter than I was. "Trevor buried his slice in the back yard," my hostess informed me.

God, would I like to do that, I thought. So, I finally managed to get the wretched thing down. I declined a second helping. And got the heck out of there. I survived. How can anyone screw up apple pie so bad?

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