Friday, May 31, 2013

Cookies From Beyond

Well, sometimes it's tough thinking of things to write about.  Then I thought about cookies.  Keebler has these peanut butter cookies that are really good.  The problem with cookies at the store is they're kind of expensive.  But the ones I like were on sale and I bought a box. 

Now, most of the products I buy are store brands.  They generally are as good as national brands and quite a bit cheaper. Heck, some things like dishwasher detergent, I actually prefer the store brand products.  Not so with cookies.  I just don't find much in the store brand offerings that I'm all that fond of. 

Which brings me to what I'd like to see in cookies.  If I owned my own cookie factory, I'd come out with Abominable Cookies.  The box would have Yeti (aka The Abominable Snowman) on top of a mountain swatting at airplanes (sort of like King Kong on the Empire State Building).  If they tasted halfway good, I think people would buy them.  I sure as hell would.  Of course, if I owned the factory I guess I wouldn't actually need to buy them. They'd be Yeti shaped white frosted sugar cookies--with sprinkles.  Are you listening Keebler?

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