Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dave Riley Show Finale

(Already in progress. Dave, his sidekick Ed and Karl, the dinosaur are all sitting around wondering why they don't have any guests to interview.)

Dave: I still can't believe our show is getting cancelled.  We can't possibly be the worst show on TV.

Ed: Nah, we're not. That critic guy called us the second worst one. That show where they ride around in some bus all night is the worst one.

Dave: I hear they're making an American remake of Primeval for the SyFy Channel.

Ed: That Brit show where the dinosaurs keep popping up all over the place?

Dave: That’s the one.

Karl: I hate that show. All the dinosaurs were portrayed as bad guys. And stupid. Why are dinosaurs always portrayed as stupid?

Dave: Beats me.

Karl: They should have some show where the dinosaurs save the world from space aliens. I’d watch that.

Ed: Me too.

Dave: This getting cancelled sucks.

Karl: I wonder if I could get a part on Primeval.

Dave: It’ll never work. You’ll get mad and eat the director.

Karl: I didn’t eat the director here.

Dave: Hey, that’s right. Where is that bald little weasel?
(Listens to headphones)
Apparently, our director is over at the studio trying to get a job directing Primeval. This show’s actually been over for a half hour and nobody told us.

Ed: I wondered why we didn’t have any commercial breaks.

Dave: Goodnight everybody.

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