Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dogs From Outer Space

One of the stories in the brand spanking new edition of Science Fiction Trails that I think will cause some attention is Julie Campbell's "Brown Versus the Martians."  Why?  Well, it's a story about a dog named Brown. Brown is a border collie. And Brown actually takes on some angry Martians who are messing with the wrong dog.  Seriously, it is a story about a dog who takes on spacefaring  Martians. Even I don't have the guts to try a concept like this one.  Yet Julie handled it with ease.  The story is very readable and she came up with a truly ingenious storyline.
It's one thing to write a short little piece about a dog chasing a squirrel or something (those damned squirrels wouldn't be so smug if dogs could climb trees).  But this is a real bona fide science fiction story about aliens coming to Earth and it is told entirely from the dog point of view.  If that doesn't make you want to get your paws on a copy, I guess nothing will.
This is not the first outing for Brown. She appears in Gunslingers & Ghost Stories as well. There she mastered the art of ghost hunting.  I suspect she may turn up again.

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  1. Brown has stories in two other anthologies as well :) And she's got several more stories forthcoming.

    Thank you! I had a ton of fun writing the story.