Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Sucker!

When I was young we lived in Texas. Then we moved to California. I guess because back then in Texas you could go somewhere on the three day weekend and get by without having reservations, my dad set out with us for a camping trip on Memorial Day in our new state. And we spent the day driving around and got back home around 2 am, no camping as all campgrounds were full. That didn’t need to be. I’d actually sent away and learned how to reserve a campground space at state parks in the pre-Internet world. But my dad refused to hear of making a reservation.

And, he set out on another trip later that summer and we again were rebuffed from camping sights. I think we eventually found something in some mosquito infested swamp. After that, Dad softened his refusal to make reservations and subsequent outings were met with reserved campsites and a lot less frustration. Nowadays, may dad is elderly and doesn’t camp anymore. But he does still travel and he’s now a big fan of making reservations. So, we live and learn as the saying goes.

Which brings me to the fact that Memorial Day isn’t a big deal where I live in ski country. Most early summer vacationers tend to head to the lakes in the state. Still, we do see a growing summertime business up here. I, however, take no joy in holidays. I’ve come to view them a just a big nuisance. Everything costs more and stores get crowded and the whole thing is just more trouble than it deserves. Everyone else can fight the traffic and crowded airports for Memorial Day. I stay home on holidays.

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