Friday, May 24, 2013

My time machine's better than yours

Well, the season finale of Dr. Who has come and gone. The topic came up in a time travel panel at the recent con I went to in Arizona. A fair number of people don’t seem to like the shift from Amy to Clara. I actually like Clara, but was relieved we finally got some answers about why she was all over the place. On the other hand, they took a second rate villain and let him manipulate the Doctor in ways that bordered on the preposterous. So, at least it’s over and maybe next time around they’ll get off to something more interesting. Of course they also introduced another Doctor. That can't be good. Two doctors crossing each others timelines is taboo.

Overall, I’ve never been a big fan of time travel stories, though I’ve had a fondness for the doctor for some time. There’s another British time travel show, Primeval, that is apparently being remade into an American version. I really liked Primeval and question the need to make an American version when they could just run the British one. This is the story where dinosaurs kept popping up all over Britain due to these time vortexes. The whole thing was preposterous. Oh, there’s a dinosaur eating people in central London. Let’s cover it up and blame it on mushrooms or something. Ridiculous. Nonetheless, I still found the Brit version compelling. If history repeats itself, like most of these Americanized stories, I won’t like it.

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