Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Review

A new review just out from Don D'Ammassa's Critical Mass
Science Fiction Trails #10, edited by David B. Riley, 2013, $8.25   

My first adult reading was paperback westerns and I’ve recently been re-reading Max Brand, so I was psychologically set for the latest issue of this irregular but always welcome collection of SF stories set in the Old West. Despite its historical existence, the Old West has always seemed to me an almost alien society, particularly as depicted by classic western writers. The genre has a reputation for being formulaic but there’s a surprisingly diversity of themes in both pure westerns and these hybrids. Despite the lack of “name” writers, Riley always manages to come up with some interesting stories in this issue – the handsomest looking to date – is no exception. There are robots, Martians, mysterious events, contained worlds, and an exciting but enigmatic train robbery. Lots of light fun in a setting rarely found in SF. 5/22/13


  1. I can't seem to find an email address for you to talk to you directly, but would you consider doing a review of my weird-western novel "The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree" for a free copy? 11 5-star reviews so far.

    "The legendary gunslingers of late author Ed Brigham's fantasy novels were supposed to be the stuff of fiction, but when his son Ross and two of Ed's fans stumble into the desolate parallel world of Destin, they discover a war for the very soul of the universe, waged by the immortal muses that once pledged to enrich it -- and a strange secret that might bring America itself into the mystery."

  2. My email, at least on my browser, is at the top of the page in plain view.