Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What flavor do you want?

As I write this, I just had some Jello. What flavor you ask? Green. Green? Well, truth be known, all Jello tastes the same to me. The only difference is the color. So, over the years I’ve just started viewing it as red or green or orange or yellow. I really think the Jello people should start calling it that as well.

And that leads me to my latest idea. People would buy boxes of food from the David Riley Food Company. They’d take it home and eat it. But, instead of flavors, they’d just get colors. So, you could have brown one day and purple the next. And it would all pretty much taste the same.  It would be so much more efficient. We throw out an incredible amount of spoiled food each year. This would stop that and make food less costly.

There, I’ve just given you all a science fiction storyline. Did you catch it? Did you recognize the movie? What was it?

But, I still say it’s true that all Jello tastes the same.

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