Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What to Read

I'm heading off to Leprecon in Arizona, so this'll be the last blog for a few days. One quandary I have at cons is selecting what to read at readings. What works as a sit down and read it yourself story doesn't always work as a narrated reading. And, in this case, my readings are late at night. So, I've learned to keep things on the short side. I use the plural, because I appear to be down for two readings. In one I'll be reading excerpts of weird western stories by other writers. In the other one I'll be reading one of my stories.

Another thing about reading at cons is many times no one shows up. Other times they do. It kind of depends on what else is going on. At the last con I went to, no one showed up at all. I didn't feel bad because this just wasn't a very literary bunch. Plus they had me opposite the costuming masquerade. Even some of the good writers were blown off--it wasn't just me

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