Monday, June 3, 2013

Biting Dogs

The Post Office says there are over 4 million dog bites each year.  Why would so many people want to bite dogs? 

I remember way back in California when I was in my pre driving years and I delivered the Dollar Saver once a week. I think I did that about a year, then I got tired of it and quit.  This was a weekly publication that listed cars for sale and a whole lot of garage sale ads.  My brother had a route as well, though he quit after just a few months.  His route had a huge dog problem. People just set their dogs loose and they accosted everyone they saw.  My route didn't have as many dog issues for some reason.  Back then if you called animal control they rarely came or did anything about the problem. It never seemed to occur to these people they could be sued. 

Then there's recent times where I now live.  When I first moved into the condo I currently reside in, I could hardly take out the trash without being accosted by somebody's dog.  I got very good at smacking these dogs with trash bags.    There was one really aggressive mutt who came after me repeatedly.  I pepper sprayed that one and was never bothered again.  Then, over time, the dog problem sort of subsided.  I hardly ever have problems anymore. I attribute it to a better manager in our complex. 

They say dog bite claims are the leading type of claim for homeowners policies.  In both of these situations, it's really the irresponsible pet owners who are to blame.

Of course, most dogs are friendly and would rather go for a ride in the car.  When I first moved here, one golden retriever liked me so much she jumped in the car when I opened the door, ready to go for a ride. Her owner was speechless and amazed her dog hopped into someone else's car. The dog was ordered out of my car. Truth was, it wasn't my decision, but I didn't really care and would've taken her with me. I would've brought her back.

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