Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog Tour Starts Today

We're participating in something new (for me).  J. A. Campbell has a blog tour starting today. If you follow it along each day, you get to read her story "Brown and the End of the Line" over the next few days.  And, there are prizes you can win.  I've read the story. It's pretty cool and well worth your time. Heck, it's free.  You can't beat free.  The tour wraps up right here on June 16th.  (Actually, there's an interview on the 17th, but the story ends here on the 16th.)

The Schedule:
Intro - June 11th – J. A. Campbell - https://writerjacampbell.wordpress.com/blog/

Part 1- June 12th – Sam Knight - http://samknight.com/

Part 2 - June 13th – Bea’s Book Nook - http://beasbooknook.blogspot.com/

Part 3 - June 14th – Amaleen Ison - http://www.amaleenison.com/

Part 4 - June 15th – Jen Wylie - http://jlwylie.wordpress.com/

Part 5 - June 16th – David Riley - http://sftrails.blogspot.com/

Interview with Brown - June 17th – Anne Michaud - http://annecmichaud.wordpress.com/

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