Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dave Riley Show, Final Episode

[Dave, Ed and Karl the dinosaur are sitting around the studio. The Dave Riley Show has just been cancelled].

Ed: Where does Superman change into his suit?  There aren't any phone booths anymore.

Dave: My guess is men's rooms. 

Karl: Maybe he just wears it all the time.

Ed: Nah, he can't. He works at the Daily Planet and has to wear a suit.

Karl: What happens to his Clark Kent outfit? He puts on the cape and flies out of the phone booth. What happens to the suit he was wearing? Does he just leave it for some vagrant? Besides, all the papers are laying people off.  How does he get to keep his reporting job and be Superman when other people are getting fired?

Ed: I don't know.

Dave: What are you guys going to do next? Now that we’re cancelled?

Ed: I’m going to spend the rest of my life searching for Bigfoot.

Karl: I heard knocking sounds out in the woods once. By the time I found where it was coming from, there wasn’t anything around. I think they were hiding from me.

Ed: Can you blame them?

Karl: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ed: Well, you’re kind of scary.

Karl: Well, I did kind of wonder what Bigfoots taste like. What about you, Dave?

Dave: Well, I guess it’s back to drinking too much and sleeping all day.

Ed: Don’t you kind of do that now?

Dave: Well, yeah, I guess.

Karl: I’m going to give up on showbiz. I think I’ll wander the countryside eating bad guys and giving out sage wisdom to those who will listen.

Dave: You’ve been watching Kung Fu reruns again, haven’t you?

Karl: You think I could go to China and study with the Shoalin priests? They could replace dragon style with dinosaur style kung fu.

Ed: You’d need to promise not to eat them.

Dave: You did realize they’re all vegetarians?

Karl: I’m not going to be  turned into some brontosaur. Guess I’ll start my own order of dinosaur worshiping monks.

Ed: What dinosaur will they worship?

Karl: Haven’t you got a squatch waiting to marry you?

Ed: I’m just saying.

Dave: Goodnight everybody.

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