Saturday, June 8, 2013

Doctor What?

Well, now that the rumors seem to be more than rumors that Matt Smith is bailing on Dr. Who, I wonder what looser actor will take the job next.  This show has become pathetic with its constant turnover.  The BBC has never been known for paying top money and has always refused to do long term contracts, preferring to make its show in small little batches.  The result is a constant parade of doctors or companions.  And, frankly, they could use some new writers.  The last series was pretty feeble, if you ask me.  I mean, except for the weird western episode, the rest have pretty much sucked.  I think it's time for the BBC to bag it and just give up. 

I had high hopes way back when Russell Davies revived the show. And there have been some good episodes. But, on balance, I don't really like it and I blame the constant regenerations as the problem. So, I think they should park the Tardis and throw away the key. 

Or, they could just have Clara take off in the Tardis and leave the doctor stranded somewhere.  I'd like that. 

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