Friday, June 7, 2013

Dog Food Part 2

Yesterday I was talking about dog food. Today, I'll talk more about dog food, but not the commercial stuff.  Dogs will eat a hell of a lot more than people often give them.  Some dogs like corn (some dogs have problems digesting corn, be careful with this one).  The beagle we had could eat it right off the cob, but only if it was salted and buttered for him.  He also could crack and eat walnuts.  He was not happy when squirrels moved into the area and walnuts seldom hit the ground.  Another dog liked dried papaya.  And just about every dog I've ever met liked vanilla ice cream.   (Don't give dogs chocolate).  And dogs love beans of just about every type, including peas.  Whether it's pintos, green beans, pork and beans, refried beans, the only beans I've ever seen a dog refuse are the chili ones, which may be too much for a sensitive canine nose. And the pet food industry wants you to believe God will strike you dead if you feed fido a few beans now and then.  He won't. I think God likes beans, too.

That said, other foods are trial and error to some extent.  I discovered my parent's golden retriever loved spaghetti.  My mom wouldn't give him any, but if I was looking after him he often got some. I was walking him one evening and a neighbor was quite concerned because he thought there was blood on his snout.  When I told him it was spaghetti sauce, he was relieved, though surprised. It had never occurred to him dogs might like spaghetti.   That dog liked Chinese spring rolls as well.  Not so much on spicier Chinese food.  I'm not advocating feeding Rover exotic foods every day, but if you've got something now and then Rover likes, give it to him.  The notion that dogs don't care is pure bull. They only don't care if they eat the same thing every day.

And then there's summer grilling season. Dogs react strongly to smells--and they love the smell of meat grilling over charcoal.  Have the neighbor's dogs ever gotten some steak scraps from me? Or an extra hamburger? They're not telling and neither am I.


  1. Kira loves Ice Cream... vanilla of course. She's at the point where if you pull out the carton she gets all excited. LOL.

    I feed her a "gourmet" dog food you can only get from a vet called IVet. It's primary ingredients are meat, which I approve of and it's a pretty good feed for a moderate price. I'd feed a raw diet if I had time to cook for myself, let alone my dog. :)

    I also put, on top, a freeze dried natural (as in meat, veggies and stuff that a human could probably enjoy) food called Sojos. That helps keep her food more interesting and adds some good stuff in. She also gets tidbits now and again of other stuff we cook as long as it doesn't have chocolate, grapes, onion or much garlic.

  2. No, I don't spoil her...Kira's worth it.

    1. She is :) She got to lick a couple of plates today and got some ice cream sunday. :) It's a good thing she's got the opposite of a weight problem or I'd have to watch what I feed her.