Thursday, June 13, 2013


[The Dave Riley Show has been canceled.  Dave, Ed and Karl the dinosaur are waiting around for their final checks.]

Ed: Did you guys watch that new show, Primeval?  I hope it doesn't get as weird as the British version.

Karl: I just hope they cancel it.  They make all the dinosaurs out to be bad guys.  And stupid. Why are all the dinosaurs stupid?

Dave: You just had to get him going.

Karl: And Utah raptors weren't nearly as big as the one on the show.  I know. I've seen them. How come they wouldn't hire me as technical advisor?

Dave: You just had to get him going.

Karl:  Who knows more about dinosaurs than me? Nobody. I lived in the cretaceous period. Who else can say that?  And I've got TV experience.

Ed: I wouldn't go around reminding people you were on this show.  "Worst show on Television," that guy who writes that column said. "Even worse than the show where they ride around in a bus all night."

Karl: How come we didn't ride around in a bus all night?  It would've been better than interviewing all those idiot guests. 

Ed: Well, the guy with the aluminum foil wasn't a bad guest.

Dave: We had our moments.  Heck, we got the mayor to admit he's a crook.

Ed: Everyone knows he's a crook.

Dave: But we got him to admit it.

Karl: I didn't like that guy. Should've ate him.

Ed: Wonder what dumb dinosaur they'll have on Primeval this week?

Karl: If you want dumb, they should get Neanderthals. They didn't have sense enough to come in out of the rain.  Heck, if it hadn't been for that asteroid killing my people, you people wouldn't exist.

Dave: Hey our checks are ready.

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