Friday, June 28, 2013


Two thing today. One, I sometimes spell things the way I think they should be spelled as opposed to the accepted spelling. We have letters like k and x and a few more that hardly ever get any work. They're perfectly good letters and I use them sometimes so they don't feel neglected.  Hence, my spelling in the title of today's posting. It is not a mistake.

That said, on various web forums, blogs, etc the topic of listening to music (okay I'll spell it the standard way) comes up.  I listen to classical music.  There's a piece by Mendelssohn on at the moment.  That's also what I listen to in my kar.  In fact, a lot of times people don't want to ride with me because they're worried I'll turn on something classical.  And they have good reason to fear. I listen to it all the time. For me it's relaxing.  I can't imagine doing something like writing without it. Yet, a lot of writers state they don't like to listen to music when they write as it's a distraction.

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