Monday, June 10, 2013


The sort of nearby town of Aspen has banned plastic trash bags.  They claim they're saving the Earth.  I think the town has been taken over by space aliens and it's part of their evil plot to destroy us all. Why can't  city councils leave the people alone?  Just pick up the garbage and pave the streets and leave us alone.

And, in a case of monkey see monkey do, the nearby town of Vail is debating the very same thing.  They tell us we can save the world by banning those pesky plastic wonders.  What am I supposed to put my trash into?

While I understand they wreak havoc on the local recycling facility, which doesn't want them because they're not recyclable, why not make some with different chemicals that are recyclable? Or, placing gun toting android cops at recycling bins to keep the blasted things out?  The NRA says we need more guns in society. This would solve all of our problems at once.  So, fire up the tar and feather machine if those dang councilors area serious about this.  

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  1. They did that in California. Whatever would I use to clean the kitty litter if I didn't have plastic bags?