Thursday, June 20, 2013

Steaming Ahead

In case you haven't heard, I'm going to start publishing a second magazine in October. Steampunk Trails will have some similarity to it's sister magazine, Science Fiction Trails, though it's heading off on its own direction.  One big difference is that it has a different editor.  Instead of the cynical curmudgeon who edits Science Fiction Trails, the new magazine has a much better editor who I think will bring in a younger and more diverse crowd.
The response has varied from "yay" to "are you nuts?"  It's not a good time to be publishing magazines.  It's not really a good time to be publishing anything.  The whole industry is in turmoil.  That said, we've plodded along with SFT for ten issues and have literally created a market for western sci fi where none existed. The weird western market took a sharp turn about a decade ago and went heavily into ultra dark fiction. The sci fi weird western all but disappeared. In spite of this, we've carved out a niche and the magazine is actually selling better than ever.
Now, with steampunk, there's a whole lot more interest.  But, you have be careful with that enthusiasm as it can turn against you. Steampunk fans are very demanding.  And that's why J A Campbell is editing the stories and not me.  She knows steampunk when she sees it.  So, this summer we'll be putting together the inaugural issue and see what people think of it.  The magazine has its own blog where people can check our progress and offer suggestions of what they'd like to see. Check it out sometime. And drop a comment if you have any thoughts. 

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