Monday, June 17, 2013

The Time Gods

It always seems that there's never enough time for stuff. You plan to catch up on home repairs and suddenly the whole weekend is gone and you haven't got crap completed.  I used to wonder if I had so little time because I kept getting abducted by aliens and so I was missing time. Well, I don't think the aliens want me.  Still, there are days when I get nothing done.  And yesterday was one of them.
And this lead me to today's pondry.  Is there a god of time in ancient history or classical societies?  I sure can't think of one.  None comes to mind from the Greeks.  I have studied Mayan gods and even used one in multiple fiction tales, but I don't recall seeing one there.  Did ancient folks not place much priority on time? The Romans had sun dials that were fairly accurate, though I suspect sun dials were a subsidiary of Apollo [I know Apollo was Greek but I can't recall Roman equivalent and am too lazy to look it up]. So, who was this god of time?  I think I just got myself a new story idea. If I only I could find time to write it. And I think I invented a new word--pondry.

Addendum: I've been informed the Greeks did have a time god--Chronos.  Who knew?

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