Thursday, June 27, 2013

Theater of the Obscure

Way back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, I took a theatre class in college.  I remember the professor liked to use the term "Theater of the Obscure" when talking about all of the asinine ideas people suggested for plays and, to some extent, the mindless crap that actually gets produced. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I was given a writing challenge that involved a very mundane segment of someone's life.  It's an interesting approach.  I could almost see more of these--an anthology of the obscure. Interesting in that they challenged the writer in ways not usually expected.  Even though I was writing about someone who became a major historical figure, I couldn't even get good info on what she looked like. Sure, there are pictures of Calamity Jane, but not so much from her younger days.  This was a world that didn't have cameras on every phone, light post and computer.  So, I had to take an educated guess.  The point is, my entire approach to writing a story where there is a real or known figure was turned upside down on its head.  I've really enjoyed getting shaken out of my shell just a bit.  I don't know what will become of the story. I'll announce here if it gets published or posted somewhere.  Stay tuned.

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