Friday, July 19, 2013

Ambulance Chasers

I'm going to great pains not to mention anyone specific.  I think it's amazing should you travel to various American cities and watch local shows like the news, you'll see some personal injury lawyer on one commercial after another touting "He got me $200,000."  There are other commercials, but there will be one dominant lawyer that kind of drowns the others out.  Then, go to another town and you'll find the same thing in the form of a different lawyer.   The question is: Do these advertisers actually do better for their clients than lawyers who don't advertise as much?  It's not just dollar amount.  If some lawyer got some client 2 million and that client had 3 million in injuries, that's not necessarily so great. 
What I really want to know is why is there always that one guy in Denver, and that other one guy in Las Vegas, and that one guy in Phoenix?  Do all the dumb ass clients just gravitate to one guy. He's a moron just like me, let's call him? Or is something else going on?
It used to be illegal for lawyers to advertise. Those were the days.

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