Monday, July 8, 2013


One thing that helps me relax is playing chess.  I have a computer program that's pretty darn good.  Alas, I seldom play humans because I don't know many people who can play.  Back when I worked resort jobs I played more, though few people could beat me and the pool of players diminished over time.  I think chess is the finest game ever developed.  My high school did not have a chess team.  I always felt deprived and emotionally stunted because of this.  One of the teachers let kids play in his room during lunch hour.  We even had multiple chess sets.  It wasn't a bad getup, but it was not the same as going on the road and conquering those evil people at enemy schools. 

"Chicks don't really dig chess players. You gotta play football." That was my answer when I inquired as to why we didn't have a team.  Other schools in the bay area had teams.  The economics of extracurricular activities set in.  Simply put, football beings in money. Chess does not.  There  were no funds to coach or transport a team.  And that was it.  I asked the teacher who advised (told them what to do) our student council if he played chess.  He did not.  What a shock.
I don't recall ever playing chess in college--not even once.  I feel really deprived. So, when I see grumpy middle aged men playing chess in large cities like New York, I'm a bit envious. 

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