Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dogs in Goggles

Over at Steampunk Trails, where I am publisher, we're been kicking around a few cover ideas.  One thing that keeps coming up is having a couple of dogs in goggles that are in a motorized balloon speeding away from some form of danger.  I liked it, the artist liked it, but I still decided to move on to some other ideas because I was afraid it was too cutesy.  Still, I rather liked it. Sometimes we have to act for good of the project.

I suddenly find myself dealing with artists again.  It's the one chore that never escapes me.  I'm sure when I kick the bucket and arrive at hell they'll put me in charge of the art department.  But steampunk needs art and I'll obtain it.  But I still find dealing with artists frustrating. 
I like printers. Printers are fine people.  I had a dream last night about a printing shop.  And all the people who worked there were dogs. And all of the dogs were wearing goggles.  Wonder what Sigmund Freud would think of that?

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