Sunday, July 28, 2013

Evil Publishing Scum

I've sat on both sides of the publishing table.  I realize there's simply too much crap out there in the publishing world and a lot of it is simply unsellable.  Nonetheless, I find myself continuing to wonder why the New York publishing crowd just absolutely refuses to display any resemblance of basic common courtesy. Last fall I wrote a new science fiction novel featuring my Sarah Meadows character.  Sarah has appeared in six short stories, but this is her first book length adventure. I queried 12 agents.  I followed the instructions on their websites. If they wanted a SASE they got one. If they wanted the first chapter, they got that.  Of the 12, two sent me form letters and the other ten never bothered to reply at all.  I also queried 10 publishers, again following their website instructions.  One sent me an email promising I'd hear from them in a month (six months ago) and one form letter was mailed back the  same day they received it. The other eight never bothered to respond at all, even though I provided the SASE or email or whatever they themselves asked for. What a bunch of assholes.  It's no wonder the publishing industry is going under.  I've never seen an industry where the producers of the product they sell are treated with such open and total contempt. 
And, alas, there is really nothing I can do about it.  But that does not mean I have to like it.  So, to my amazement, one of the very editors who could not be bothered to even respond to my submission sent me a story submission yesterday for Science Fiction Trails, where I am editorWhat to do? Just delete it?  Send a form letter?  I sure won't publish it. What to do? 

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