Saturday, July 13, 2013

Old People

My dad is rather elderly.  It amazes me how old people come to vastly different conclusions about the universe than anyone else does.  For instances, my dad has had cell phones from three different companies this year.  He likes to go out into the local  national forest. Nothing wrong with that, but he's become obsessed with the turnoff from the highway onto the road that goes into the forest. The first cellphone didn't have service there.  He calls me and asks me about some other company. I couldn't tell much from their website.  So, he signs up, then gets his phone and takes it to the forest. It has no coverage. He boxes it up and returns it to the company.  Then he calls and wants to know about another service. "I don't know." So, he signs up for it and takes it out to the turnoff and it works. Hallelujah. There are thousands of places he might need service, but that one fixed point in time and space is all that matters. 

I've had the same service plan for 10 years and don't really care. If it doesn't pick up some place I'll just go on until I find somewhere that it does.  

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