Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Open Road

I can sort of understand the desire to take out on the open road, get bugs in your teeth, and all that.  But, I really wonder about some people.  It seems counterproductive to ride a motorcycle if you're going to tack on a trailer.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems dorky.  So, yesterday I watched some guy try and park his motorcycle at the town parking structure.  This guy couldn't do it. I kept thinking how hard could this be.  But, he's one of the wunderkinds out on the road that doesn't understand trailers turn the opposite of the towing vehicle.  Still, this was simply a motorcycle trailer, not a big rig. And this guy could not park it.  I sat there and watched in  disbelief.  After ten minutes he finally went down and pulled it face in at an empty space.  This guy had been trying to back in next to another bike. There was plenty of room.  I used to drive a large delivery truck and I could have pulled into this space.  What a dork, was all I could think.  At least it kept me entertained.

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