Saturday, July 27, 2013

Orange Juice

I was drinking some orange juice yesterday.  As I was drinking it I read the label on the back of the bottle.  Contents: orange juice.  I kind of already knew that.  The orange color of the liquid sort of gave it away, not to mention it says orange juice on the front of the bottle. 

I like orange juice.  I always buy the store brand because it's cheaper than the national brands.  My dad won't buy anything except the national brands.  Some neighbors of mine only drink organic orange juice that gets delivered by some organic company.  When I was a kid my mom often bought frozen concentrate. I don't know anyone who buys the frozen concentrate anymore.  They still have it in the stores, so somebody must still buy it.  At some point in life I stopped drinking frozen concentrate and started getting the stuff in plastic bottles that's not made from concentrate. 

One thing about OJ is that it's got a lot of vitamins and stuff in it.  The downside is it's kind of high in sugar, so if you're trying to lose weight or have diabetes it can be a problematic beverage.  If  I get orange juice in restaurants the stuff costs more than steak.  They just give you some little tiny glass and it's the most expensive item on the bill. 
My parents once had this golden retriever.  They got him as a puppy.  He loved orange juice and drank a small bowl of it every morning.  When he got out of puppy mode, he stopped drinking orange juice.  "I'm not drinking this crap."  You used to drink it. "No, that must've been some other dog." What I don't remember was if he was getting OJ from concentrate or the not from concentrate version.

They say Sasquatch like orange juice and will steal it from campers' coolers when they're asleep. I don't really camp anymore, so I haven't tested this theory. 

So, on my birthday I was reminiscing about the moon landing and I suddenly started wanting some Tang. Tang was this dried orange juice you added water to. It's main claim to fame was the astronauts took it on space missions.  The local store didn't have it.  I was amazed they still make it and it's readily available from online sources including Amazon.

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