Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Kook

We were discussing things like sending out review copies of the forthcoming Steampunk Trails and I said we should focus on credible publicity sources, not just any kook with a blog.  Then, it occurred to me I was actually talking about myself.  I'm a kook with a blog.  My blog has no real review value. I simply rattle on about nearly anything.  Most of it is silly nonsense.  I certainly haven't gotten any major awards for my blog. It doesn't even appear on anyone's best blog list.  I'm just some kook rattling on about things. 
Now, case in point, the Obama's have gotten themselves another dog--Sunny  She is another Portuguese water dog, just like Bo.  That would be a pretty good gig if you can get it, being First Dog.  Of course Buddy didn't fare too well. Buddy was the Clinton's lab. He survived his term in office, but was soon run over by a truck after they moved to New York. 
If I was President, I'd have a dog.  I'd let the dog make most of the decisions. If you've got two candidates for an ambassador job, you just see which one the dog likes and appoint that person.  Simple enough.  So, I could let the dog run the country and I could watch TV all day.
The First Lady has spoken highly of Bo, and clearly is rather fond of him.  I'm sure he's a good dog.
Now, if it were up to me I'd get a golden retriever.  I like them.  And the dog could swim in the White House pool. I realize there was an allergy issue and that's why the Obama's got a Portuguese Water dog.  I don't know if he can swim in the pool. I think they should've gotten a golden retriever and sent the allergic kid (I don't remember which daughter) off to boarding school. I say that not be cruel, it's just that people really like golden retrievers. I don't think people are all that interested in Bo. I think they'd have more interest in a golden retriever.

Back when Buddy was First Dog some third graders went to Washington DC. The local paper interviewed them. The most exciting thing was not meeting the President. It was not going to the Smithsonian, which they did. No, it was meeting Buddy.  That's all I can say on the subject.
See, that should remove all doubt that I'm just another kook with a blog. Just like I said.

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