Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Sighting, But Are They Real?

What the hell?  Colorado is not a hotbed of Bigfoot activity.  Nonetheless, there are sightings now and then. Those who follow such things say Bigfoots feed on elk and follow the herds as they migrate around the state. That would make some sense, if you like elk, as Colorado has more elk than any other state. 

Last Thursday I was fishing, or actually I was standing next to the river and the fish were laughing at me. But it was my time to waste.  Some guy comes up to me and tells me he saw a Sasquatch at the very spot I was standing the night before, just before dark. Supposedly, the creature charged across the river and vanished in a grove of trees. 

I'm not exactly out in the woods.  There are condos, a rec center and a shopping center, depending on direction.  Not a usual place for such a creature.  Bears have been spotted in the area, as recently as a week ago.  But, I didn't see it.  I have my doubts, but I try to keep an open mind. 
The only reason I'd like to see one is I could then know for certain if they do or do not exist.  I find it interesting that no one ever seems to get clear photos of these animals, or find a body or get anything but the odd plaster cast of a foot print.

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