Saturday, August 31, 2013


I grew up eating margarine on those things that customarily have a buttery flavor such as popcorn, cornbread and baked potatoes.  It was what we ate.  About a week ago I bought a package of butter at the store. It was the real deal--butter.  That's right on the package.  I came home and made some toast and put butter on it.  The stuff was absolutely wonderful.  I found myself wondering why have I been eating margarine all these years?  It really amazed me. 
I suppose it's possible I've had some limited exposure to butter. One never knows for certain what restaurants put on your food. And friends and relatives have fed me stuff over the years.  But I don't recall ever consciously buying butter at the store.  It was on sale. It was about the same price as margarine. Where has it been all my life?

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