Friday, August 30, 2013

Buying Toilet Paper

I just bought a package of toilet paper. I buy the store brand because it's usually cheaper.  Go back in time ten years and I never bought toilet paper.  I had a tool that would unlock the toilet paper holders used in many public buildings. I would simply take the toilet paper.  I don't know why, really. I never took anything else. But I thought nothing of taking toilet paper from libraries, city hall, the local community college. In fact, colleges were the best. They always seemed to have well stocked bathrooms.  Then, one day, they had Kroger toilet paper on sale in the store. I bought a package. The stuff was wonderful and I didn't have to go slinking around public restrooms anymore. So, my life of crime ended.  I never took anything but toilet paper.  And only from public buildings.
That's not related to when I stay at hotels. I always take any extra roll of toilet paper then. But that's not stealing. I paid for that toilet paper.  Even back in my younger days I'd take the toilet paper from hotel rooms.  My mother forbade me. It made no difference. Every now and then she'd find a strange brand of toilet paper in the cabinet and yell "David!"  It never stopped me.  And, when I headed out on my own, I kept on taking it.  And, the family would get together someplace and stay at a hotel and there, with my luggage would be the toilet paper about to be loaded into the car.
"Why do you keep taking the toilet paper?" My Mom would ask.
"Because someone has to." 
Now, I've worked at places like hotels, where they have cases of toilet paper. So, I'll bet you're wondering? Nope, never took a single roll. 

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